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Fabrics and fibers are the mediums for TAAC’s 2021 and 2022 Annual Regional Celebrations of African American Artists Exhibits. In the 2021 exhibit, Fabrics, Fibers, and Fibers, the emphasis was on artistic expressions.

The Fabrics of Our Lives is the title for the 2022 exhibit. The focus is on the historical, cultural, and heritage stories behind the fabrics and fiber items told through the unique lenses of the African American experiences. The universal and connecting threads are their stories in the Family, Church, School, Community Quilting Bees, Wearable Art, and Fiber Arts Vignettes.

“I think that everybody has a story. How you tell the story is important…it defines who you are, and leaves a footprint…where you’re coming from and hopefully where you are going.” – Rachael Clark, Fiber Artist, Clothing for the Body and Soul.

“My stories are told in the fabrics I choose, the textures I combine, and the colors that create a whole new composition.” – Bisa Butler, Signature Story Teller Through Quilts.

In 2021, the Quilting Sisters of Color Quilting Guild, Dallas, Texas, loaned TAAC eighteen magnificent quilts. This year, the group is TAAC’s featured regional quilt artists and storytellers. Their group-inspired 25th Anniversary quilt is a unique feature to celebrate that milestone.

Rosie Greenaway and Carolyn Beard Whitlow, MFA, are national contributors. Treva West collected several of their quilts, wall tapestry, and fabric quilt cards.

This year, TAAC celebrates twenty years of curating exhibits for the Texarkana community. The second-floor gallery shows a collage of past exhibits.


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