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TAAC's Annual Programs

 Motown Revue.
The African American Voice: An Evening of Performance
with Special Moments for Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. 

 January - March
 The Regional Celebration of African American Artists Exhibit.
Special Afternoon. Openings for the TAAC and TRAHC Exhibitions.  
Dr. Teretha F. Harper Reader's Theater, Voices of Freedom: Overcoming Barriers.   
All year
The Little Free Library Project units are at six community sites. 


In 1999 - 2000, TRAHC officers and six board members created the TRAHC African American Outreach Committee (TAAOC). They were Ruth Ellen Whitt, CEO; Brian Goesl, Community Development Director; Joyce Campbell, Secretary; Nita Fran Hutcheson, Marketing Director; and Dr. George Bohmfalk, Marvin Brewster, Elaine Denmon, Edna Shepherd, and Rita Williams, board members. Joyce Campbell was TAAOC's first chairperson.   
TAAC's mission is to tell the African American history, culture, and heritage stories through the performing and visual arts. The guiding principles are freedom, justice, peace, dignity, courage, civil rights, and achievements.

The TAAOC and TAAC chairpersons are Joyce Campbell, 2000; Jo Ann Rice, 2004; 
Dr. Teretha F. Harper, 2006 - 2013; and Dr. Genia Bullock, 2013. 

Educate. Entertain. Empower.
That is TAAC's tagline. 

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