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This workshop is a feature for TAAC's 20th Anniversary Regional Celebration of African American Artists Exhibit: The Fabrics of Our Lives at the Texarkana Regional Arts Center, 4th and Texas Boulevard. The exhibit opened on Tuesday, February 8, and will close on Saturday, March 12, 2022. The Center is open on Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM. 


Introduction and Closing

by Lillie Young



























Bettie Huntley is a member of the Arkansas Miller County Extension Services.

Bettie Huntley is a native of Texarkana, Arkansas. She has loaned magnificent quilts to the TRAHC African American Exhibits since 2018.  She will demonstrate some of the basics of quilting.

Bettie, a young child, was introduced to quilting as she watched her grandmother and friends “piece quilts.” She spent many weekends at her grandmother’s home and watched them use the old-fashioned quilting wood frames hung from the ceiling to “piece quilts” with hand stitches. The quilt pieces and frames were unrolled from the ceiling in the morning and returned to the ceiling in the evening. Bettie called the items, "Quilts for Real".

During her early adulthood, Bettie made clothing for her children. She said,” My daughters did not know about a “store-bought” dress. She made a few clothes for her sons. People loved her children’s clothes. The sewing for her family and other citizens did not leave her time for quilting. However, quilting remained an interest. When their children grew up and left home, Bettie returned to quilting.

In TAAC’s 2022 Exhibit, be sure to view Bettie’s Quilts, The Chinese Lantern, Log Cabin, and My First Attempt-long Time Ago in the School Stories Vignette. Also, see two of her quilted tote bags in the Wearable Arts Vignette.


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